Entrepreneur Bootcamp in Cyprus

Online Marketing
Offline events of Pavlina Papalouka's "Entrepreneur's Boot Camp" used to take place every season in Cyprus from 2017 to 2019. Within the framework of the 3-day conference, the participants underwent trainings and practices from an invited expert from England John Lee - a professional in the field of marketing and personal branding. Listeners received useful tips, the latest tricks, findings in the field of marketing and especially long-awaited recommendations from a millionaire marketer with a successful 10-year experience in building a personal brand, sales and online business. The festive event in the fashionable form of Edutainment was filled with the activity of the hall, examples of cases for better assimilation of a large amount of useful knowledge and the incredible energy of charismatic experts - John and Pavlina. Having participated as a participant in one of the first events and being convinced of the usefulness of the information received, in the following seasons I participated in the "entrepreneur's camp" as a member of the organizer's team. I was interested in gaining experience in organizing large international events, see the backstage of all processes, acquire the skill of direct sales and personal communication with customers, meet new friends and possible business partners. From the experience of teamwork, I learned about conducting all stages of the event, how to properly organize the workflow, delegate responsibilities, protect your manager's rights to non-disclosure of information about the organization of the event, how to build a competent warm-up and sales process, how to get leads, reviews, and why even the initial registration process is important. The organization of international conferences is not only an exciting and responsible step that requires endurance from the leader, preparation of all processes, training and complete trust in his performers, but also stamina, discipline, goodwill and responsibility on the part of each team member.